The fight against hunger

According to the Trussell Trust, 1.6 million three-day emergency food supply parcels where given to people in crisis in the past year, a 19% increase from previous years. This food was distributed through more than 1,200 food bank centres across the UK.

The larger portion of this food comes from donations from members of the public at a range of places, such as schools, churches and business, as well as supermarket collection points.

It took around 40,000 volunteers to collect, sort & redistribute the donated food to people in need.

How spareable works

How you can help

Make a Donation

See exactly what is required by a foodbank near you.

Select a few items and make payment as your donation at your convenience though card or Paypal.

We ensure the food get delivered directly to the foodbank saving them the extra cost of fetching it from a drop off point.

We also get them more value per donation by aggregating donations to benefit from bulk volume order discounts.


Sign up as a Volunteer

Fill in your application to volunteer at a foodbank near you.

After having been signed up and trained, you can see volunteer event opportunities for that foodbank and make use of the calendar to take on shifts at your convenience.

Together We Can End Hunger

Look at what we have done, Join others supporting foodbanks fight hunger.



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